Things people say to you when they know you’re a lawyer
Sorrydidyousay… 28 Jul 20 19:43
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“You just need to put “allegedly” after everything then they can’t get me, can they?”

Tap on the nose and knowing wink to the lawyer in the room

“Ooh i know who to call if I’m in trouble!” 


Ooh I could use your help with something. 

What’s that uncle Roy - not the multi-billion pound acquisition of a telecoms giant, by any chance?

My neighbour’s azalea’s hanging over our drive a bit...

Do excuse me I must just go and say hello to ....

What kind of law?

or sometimes just tumbleweed 



Can you help me with a claim against the AA and do you know anything about co-habition law?  FFS just fcuk right off.  No I don't have a fcuking clue. And then gets pissy because I am a lawyer and surely must be able to help.  Like asking a GP to do a knee replacement.  FCUK OFF

“So I’m having some trouble with my landlord and....”

Big Mac it’s usually worse than that and it’s “this guy I work with has got a problem with his landlord”

How can you defend someone you know is guilty though? 

I’ve given so much employment law advice to friends which is worrying given I’m not an employment lawyer and am generally just going from tiny nuggets of the gdl or lpc that remain in my brain 15 years ago. 

I’m buying a house could you do it for a bottle of wine?

Soames Forsyth had the right answer to this

"That sounds like a difficult problem.  You'd better make an appointment to come and see me"

100 years ago

Plus ca change... 

You're too normal to be a lawyer

And up until my 30s, you're too young to be a lawyer