Spain: We ‘re still going
Asturias Es Mi… 28 Jul 20 08:39
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1. The kids and Mrs are still on holiday for a few weeks when we come back

2. I am taking my laptop in case stuck there and in any event can WFH when back

3. The regs will have prolly relaxed by then

4. Asturias is prolly safer than SE England 

*Awaits the hate*




I would do the same thing 

unfortunately it's indicative of the deepening class divide in this country - most 'professional' jobs can be done from home during a quarantine period and so we can still have our holidays. People who have to be physically present to do their jobs - carers, shop workers, mechanics, builders etc etc - can't. 

thsts not your fault obvs 

No hate at all, but interesting choice to accept house arrest on return, no insurance, possibility of flights being cancelled and getting stranded, you must REALLY want that holiday.

The main reason I wouldn't go is expectations of bleakness, friends in Barcelona say there's a state of bleakness over everything

Really?  I didn't think travel insurance policies covered you where government has advised against all but essential travel?  I suppose you could get specialist bespoke insurance but it would surely be  insanely expensive.

I really fail to understand why people can't not go on a holiday abroad for a year.  Fucking babies.  It's just so hard to understand.  People's lives must be so utterly shit to feel this way. 

That said, I couldn't care less if anyone goes - as long as they abide by the rules and quarantine for 14 days on return.  There should be mandatory prison for breakers of the rules - £100 fine is nothing for lawyers etc.

Imagine actively wanting to go on holiday somewhere where there is a concentrated outbreak of a deadly disease, with your family.

"oh hi darling, i see Ebola is breaking out in burkina faso, grab the travel cot, we're taking the kids"

Imagine having no ability to assess risk in a realistic way 

Having made use of the excellent Spanish health system a couple times, I'd feel confident with only the EHIC Guy.

Guy fair points but

I agree self isolating on return is a pain but we have a garden and excellent interweb lines , it worked ok before 

We have Spanish policies for anything that matters out there

push comes to absolute shove* we can either hunker down there for a while or do what many did during  the Ash cloud , drive to one of the cinque ports/Chunnel and cross that way

*as we both know, some of the airlines absolutely have to run flights or go bust . Either way, for various reasons there have been flights throughout the worst of this shoite show


It's really not a very serious disease, Wellington.

Scottish quarantine is hilarious as you're allowed to go to the shops. If Spain didn't look so shit I might go just so I could provocatively handle some plum tomatoes when I got back.

"where are you?"

"I'm going for a very long run to the supermarket"


Fair enough Asturias.  Good luck

I think only those with the resources to cope with quite likely serious disruption are going to go so you may find it pleasantly quite.

Weird how Scotland is being stricter in most areas but then randomly lax in others.

Worst case scenario is being stuck in Spanish psycho lockdown but if you've got a nice place out there at least you know what to expect

my m88 in fuertaventura has decided that instead of quarantinin’ he’ll just fly to greece for two weeks and sit it out there

"Risk of going > risk of not going"

Does it? Many parts of Spain have no more cases than the U.K. 

Well, I wouldn't say it was lax. People n ed good and families are international these days.

The bigger problem is no one understanding the rules. My brother in law's mp told him he was allowed visitors and to go outside as long as he kept a distance.

Lol at Spider , I never had to talk to an adult about it but my kids had conversations with other children about the risk of Ebola when we went to Asturias  during that scare with the priest and nurse in Madrid ....

optimistic if he thinks situation will be the same in 3 weeks time.  Who the fuck knows who will be allowed to travel where by then?


Totally irrational to fear going because of the virus, entirely rational to fear going because of likely disruption etc.

I’d certainly go to Spain if I were happy to stay there awhile if need be

the key variable is U.K. government policy tho, not spanish 

Clergs, you right about Barca being a bit grim 

Mate lives there and they get out to France at every opportunity 


It sounds like everyone has really internalised the ALL GOING TO DIE shit

I suppose it's the only way they could survive the brutal lockdown

I would not have survived that. People are such appalled arseholes.

What’s this we are heading? Brexit Bois complaining about their European holidays being made a bit more difficult? Oh my! 

"Totally irrational to fear going because of the virus, entirely rational to fear going because of likely disruption etc."

Wot Guy said.

The risk of catching the virus in Spain or the UK Is for all intents and purposes the same, and markedly lower in some parts of Spain compared to some parts of the UK (Canary Islands for example super low and Leicester super high? I dunno).

Even then, catching the virus is something millions of people have done without even knowing they had it, and the overwhelming probability if you should catch it (1 in 10,000 chance to run across someone with the virus active now? I forget the estimate but it's very low now) the chance of dying should you get it s like 0.1% for someone below 60/healthy and some tinier fraction for kids that may as well be the same as dying from lightning strikes or dog bite. Risk assessments in the health arena can probably be compared to getting in a car with the family and driving for an hour.

As Guy says the real thing to worry about is either the Spanish or British government waking up on the wrong side of the bed and deciding to impose travel or lockdown restrictions even more draconian than a 14 day voluntary quarantine on return. The Spanish didn't fuck around when they locked down, it was stone hard. We got off easy on the lockdown front, as much as I hated it and moaned about it.

There's just no stability at the moment, and the uncertainty would wreck my relaxing holiday.

Asti - I’m with you on this. I am not in a position to travel at the moment for other reasons, but I would have decamped in a heartbeat. I was supposed to be out for April, which was cancelled and haven’t been away since. Now I wish I had flown out when I could have and just stayed there. 

It's also definitely the summer for a road trip as it's then much harder to prove where you've been without some full on investigation involving EU police forces and numberplate recognition and access to your financial records.

"Heamus Sheeney28 Jul 20 09:18

What’s this we are heading? Brexit Bois complaining about their European holidays being made a bit more difficult? Oh my!"


and if anyone on this thread had actually voted for brexit you'd have a point 

I voted for Brexit

just want the English out of Ireland tbh

Insurance generally doesn't cover repatriation if you choose to ignore a "do not go" note, and travel anyway. You can generally get cover for curtailment of the "do not go" is applied after you book. 


All travel policies exclude causes linked to pandemics. 

Andalucia at the moment has little gloom and cases are low so taking Spain as one lump is dangerous. Everyone is wearing masks, there’s sanitiser everywhere but restaurants/bars etc are as pleasant places to while away the time as they always have been. 

You didn’t think that one through very well, did you Heamus. Given that the English have the right to work in Ireland completely independently of EU membership, and a good deal more of them are likely to choose to do so in future! LOL


"It's also definitely the summer for a road trip as it's then much harder to prove where you've been without some full on investigation involving EU police forces and numberplate recognition and access to your financial records."

Are you planning some sort of international heist Sails?




Everyone's done lockdown once.  It's nothing most people can't handle for a couple of weeks.

This is isolation not lockdown Warren, it is different - no exceptions for exercise or shopping, it is quite literally house arrest.

Do you mean the English, Heamus?

I thought your average Orangeman was of Scots extraction.

In my view the 'one size fits all' approach to Spain has been a total a disaster. For example, Lanzarote has just ONE case of vu at the moment yet all persons returning from there now have to self isolate for 14 days on return the UK! Daft to have taken a complete country-wide approach, like they have. The vuvu zealots in the Gov have won at the expense of the pro-business lobby for the moment, but my guess is that there will that there will have to be a partial U-turn v soon.

"One of the cinque ports"

Yeah go for sandwich.  You might need a ramp and to be really pushing the Volvo tho


you know what I meant 

*Wonders if there ‘ll be a job application for “Warden of the Cinque Ports” when it comes free again *

I think they explained the blanket ban being done to avoid other countries asking for regional exceptions. in that regard it makes sense.

I note that many people complaining about this are the same ones who 4 months ago complained lock down was too late....

Presumably EHIC solves health insurance issues.

So get your European driving holidays in this year.

Yup may as well take full advantage before its yet another acceptable casualty of Brexit

the nearest he got to Asturius

was a week at Camber sands


No hate for you Asti at all (and I would probably do the same thing as you in your shoes) but the class divide thing on this really is the fvcker with it. 

Even in terms of quarantine itself unless you work in a regulated profession or are high profile enough to be interesting to the newspapers the reality is that if you are fairly well off you can simply take the decision to sack off quarantine on your return.  Given how ludicrous and inconsistent the rules are, while there will certainly be the odd idiot who would criticise you for that decision it is morally a pretty defensible position.  Why the fvck should you quarantine if you have been in the Canary islands where the risk of catching it is way below the risk of catching it in the UK. If you come back on a Friday have a (private) test on Monday and head back in to work on Tuesday when you have the all clear the reality is that you are much less of a risk than someone who spent their weekend in the in the pub in the UK and haven't been tested. 


Still don’t understand why we can’t take a test to avoid quarantine 

One of the many potential game changers being worked on is an immediate result Saliva test [have virus/don’t have virus]

not coming in August tho LOL

is funny that some countries are v happy to rely on testing at the airport 

test everyone twice on landing, and provide results within 48hrs. If you're from a "dodgy region" you quarantine for the 48hrs (or until you've had 2 all clears).  It's really not hard.  Yes, some people will have insufficient viral load, but those are likely those who picked it up on the aeroplane back, and then you can isolate those people anyway, because there'll be one or more heavily loaded people on that plane (revealed by the testing), so re-test them all and quarantine in the meantime.


Jelly it is hard because the incubation period (where you will test negative) can be up to to 10 days.

the incubation period for symptoms to emerge is, but it that the case for having the covey in identifiable from a test?  Noting all the asymptomatic positive results?  

Guy more just thinking of the flexibility to drive to France and if that gets put on the quarantine list then drive on to another country that's on the no quarantine list like Holland and get a ferry home from there.  When you get to say Portsmouth you can just say you haven't been to anywhere on the quarantine list.

Surely the point of the whole country approach is that it's now summer holiday season so while Lanzarote may only have one known case there's nothing to say that you weren't lying on the beach next to someone from Catalonia who was spluttering away and has returned home and been counted as a case at home.

I’d be interested to know the data for how many people develop symptoms/test positive durinG any period of quarantine/self isolation. Seeing as it is all about risk assessment.

I can quite see how you could go on hols, take all relevant precautions and be fine...only to catch it on the plane home. Id have thought the flight is the riskiest bit of a hol abroad.

if you can work from home, it's prolly not an issue.


i remember a colleague breaking both ankles skiing in about 2004 and deciding to work from home at his ski apartment for half term so the kids could ski.  nobody knew where he was anyway at the best of times (apart from the time he was interrupted on a call and we phoned him back 15 minutes later to discover he'd been taken off to surgery.  typical, knew where he was, couldn't talk to him).


Cambodia  you have to pay a $3000 deposti when you arrive

You have a test and are put up in Gon accom untill you get the result, they take the cost of the test and the accom from the $3000

If you or anyone on the plane tests positive you are all put into Gov quarentine for 14 days  and then have another test to see if you are clear  , if you are clear you are free to go and you recive whetever is left of the $3000 after all expenses taken off/

If you all tesy negative you still have to go inot 14 day quarentine, either at a Giv facillity, which you pay for with the $3000 or where ever you were going to stay, you then have another test and if that is negative you can start your holiday

As you can imagine, the Cambodian tourist industry is dead in the water

If only we had areas of outstanding beauty in this country eh.


'I thought your average Orangeman was of Scots extraction'

ALL Irishmen are of Scotch extraction

This Catholic v Presbyterian thing is just  cover for just another clan

dispute - (cf Campbell v MacDonald )

Govt minister was pouring cold water on airport testing instead of quarantine because of the incubation period as Guy says above. In Jersey we have airport testing with no quarantine while you await result!

I’d rather spent a fortnight in my house after a nice break in Tuscany than a single minute in Dawlish or Camber. All of our seaside towns are freezing cold shitholes full of Mancunian skag heads.

You don't seem to be comparing like with like there FF, I would say renting  a house in the Cotswolds, is probably more equivalent to your proposed Tuscan break than a trip to Dawlish or Camber.

Just because a govt minister said it, doesn't make it so.  In fact, it generally means it's a lie/conflation with something related but not on point.


I'd be interested to see the actual evidence that people test negative when asymptomatic but infected.

just looking - false negatives seem to be due to: 1. low viral load and 2. poor sample collection.

If it's 2 - that's training for the testers.  If it's 1, then that's recent (on-plane or last day of trip infection) so more likely to be picked up by quarantining a second level for anyone positive on your plane.  

False negatives are 3/10, so presume testing twice will reduce that to (DAWN HANDBAGS)?

Asti, I've just read that so far only one person in the whole of England has been fined for breaching quarantine regs on arrival!

My only concern about going abroad anywhere at present would be if the foreign country imposed some harsh lock-down rules, and  airport/airline out there closed to traffic, and you were basically stuck out there with maybe not many options for finding emergency digs or return flights.

If I did go however I would deffo ignore the quarantine when got back OK as the current rules are absurd and there is no impetus to enforce them.

I understand people that stand to lose a month's pay plus committed before March insisting on still going to these places (to the extent you are keen on living in a desert dependent on air con for any modicum of comfort), but the rest should just be blocked from re-entering the country IF it is such a risk. No idea why a week in the Costa del Sol is perceived as more of an imperative than a week heli-skiing in Aspen unless, God forbid, there's a political angle to all this and an unprincipled govt is trying to please all sides at once using fudged "regulation" as a smokescreen for bet hedging while giving a puerile ribbing to Johnny Foreigner. 

I thought I would go and just wfh on my return. Managing Partner has put pay to that emailing all to say if you go to Spain or any other restricted territory we will not support you, you will not be paid if forced to quarantine.

We are all expected back in the office full time from 3rd August.

I support the smack of firm leadership there

Algarve is worse hit that any area outside of NE Spain. 

It's as bad as parts of England.