Is this a golden age for children’s names?
  • Mercifully few instances of ‘Andy’ these days. 

We met a baby called Andy yesterday.

Alexander, which the mother insists upon everyone using despite her calling him Alex. I loathe the woman. 

Just realised that Andy isn't the same name as Alex. Funny old world, eh?

My partner's uncle named his son "Titan". Absolutely awful. He clearly has high expectations...

Gen X have the dullest names of all the generations 

No they're called Andrew and everyone calls them Andy 

Kids names are pretty dreadful these days. My son has a v classic/bog standard name and you can practically hear the sigh of relief from any teacher he’s ever introduced to. 

boys names in particular have gone a bit wrong - it’s all archie/billy/Finn/zander/zac/jago type stuff 

I have both a Gavin (aged c.40) and an Odin (aged 4) in my extended family. That's what's known as the full gamut.

Not to mention Ian and Neil. The latter of which is apparently properly dying out - thank goodness 

Ian is a good name! Agree re Neil

Real bias against Scottish boys names here

”Angus” is awful too tho

Ian is not a good name. I know a lot of lovely Ians but it’s a terrible name. 

angus is awful, it makes me think of a cow. I also dislike hamish. But I like the Scottish spelling of alastair. 

Top 10 boys names for 2020 so far

my son has 2 arlos and a jasper in his class. I mean srsly?

  1. Asher
  2. Milo
  3. Oliver
  4. Levi 
  5. Silas
  6. Atticus
  7. Theodore
  8. Jasper
  9. Leo 
  10. Arlo

I think Hamish is OK. I like Ian. I’d consider naming a boy child Ian, although our first choice (in the end we didn’t have a son) was Marco

Jasper is atrocious. The name that wanker parents inflict on their son when all the other wanker parents have used up all the other wanker names. 

Asher and Silas can fuck right off. Most of the others are ok. “Milo” has been ruined by Yiannopoulos.

I’ve never heard “Arlo” before nor met anyone called it. I met a small boy called Rex yesterday.

I think arlo is a London Name laz. Rife around me. Also marlo. 

Milo is a fucking terrible name regardless of Yiannopoulos.

Are you a malted chocolate drink from Asia? No, thought not.

Milo is apparently my colleague's favourite boy name and he is a total fucking throbber so sounds about right. 

I don't know why Neil is getting so much hate, I think it's quite nice (but admittedly dated). 

A lot of the dads calling their children wanky names are probably called Neil. Rex is a dog's name, you may as well call the child Rover.

Milo and Atticus and Arlo will grow up to call their kids things like Brian and Colin and Barbara 


A lot of the dads calling their children wanky names are probably called Neil. 

I don't know, I'm mid 30s and I don't know many Neils my age. I reckon the dads of the little Milos and Arlos are more likely to be called Chris or Matt or Steve. But I also suspect the real culprits are the Sarahs and the Katies and the Hayleys. 

Barbara is already coming back in certain hipster circles, Hoolie. 

I know several Neils my age (42) or a few years either side.

Agree re grandad names coming back in the next generation - Kenneth, Gordon, Ronald, Brian all heading for a revival 

Barbara is a nice name actually. It’s vaguely hot, albeit currently in a GILF way; perhaps slightly to hawt to give a daughter IMO.

Four or five mum acquaintances had willows or willas when I had my youngest. Clearly the trendy sw London name at the time. I think you need to bank on them being nice and slim growing up. 

ian is so bad no baby was called in 2016 in the uk! 

I quite like milo but for the chocolate drink. 



I live in asia and I have never heard of this alleged Milo drink

we know a willow (aged 3 and a half)

we also know a small boy called Elvis

who cannot be serious, and about what

What do you call a magician who has lost his magical ability?





It’s packaging is very distinctive (and a very off putting colour for a drink). I’d remember if I’d ever seen this before in my 42 years.

where is otis tho

Have you literally never been into a grocery store in Asia then? Law in UK must pay better than I thought. 

I don’t do my own grocery shopping, no. But I have been in the odd supermarket here 

and yes, I probably am a fair bit better paid than you think tbh

Heh. Well have a look out for it next time. It's actually pretty good. Get it in juice boxes rather than in the big tub.

I associate Milo with the Tweeny of that name.

Arlo is a wrong'un in Pokemon Go. Perhaps that's where it comes from.

Milo is austrayan and is bloody delicious. I lived on it as a kid, and if it wasn’t so expensive in the uk my kids would talk 

yes lots of Willa/willows for girls. Along with Ava/Eva/Evie, grace and Freya (the last of which has definitely fallen off in the last couple of years)

its fascinating actually, how name trends rise and fall. A form of social contagion. 

Mm yeah it tastes like Maltesers. Might see if I can find some in an Asian supermarket round here.

Mr gran and her sister were called Barbara and Jean. If you called your two daughters that now you'd be right on trend.

I suppose 10 to 15 years ago when I was baking my kids it was all George, Henry, Fred, Oscar, Emily, Sophie, Beatrice etc. My generation granny names

my parents' generation are in their 70s now and they're called Bob and Angela 

My friends' mums all seem to be called Sue and Janet and Linda and Lynne.

I actually got sign off on Marco as first name and Blair as middle name, for a boy.

My sporting and political heroes! Then we had two girls, who are of course perfect and have gr88 names

I knew someone who called their kid 'Wolf'. Not sure it was inspired by Galditors TV programme and her sisters kid was called Loki.

I quite like Blair but wouldn't use it. 

Apparently Tonibler is/was a very popular name in Kosovo in the early 2000s.

Whats your daughters called? Margaret Thatcher Laz Junior and Theresa May Laz Junior.

You can only get away with Blair if you are a posh Scot.

I knew a guy at uni called Magnus and his brother was called Wulf

Or maybe:

Rosa Luxemburg Laz and Barbara Castle Laz

You can only get away with Blair if you are a posh Scot.

Yeah, true. Posh Scots are pretty hot though.

Rosa Luxemburg Laz and Barbara Castle Laz

Heh. Rosa is a great shout though.


  • Magnus is coming back given Nordic chic value and a certain chess player.

Barbara is name of evil dead step mother so no

Jean is my daughter’s middle name as was my grandmothers name 

our old nursery was lots of standard middle class names 

new nursery is a bit more media / diverse so the names are a bit more punchy 


nobs mate’s are all ladz ladz ladz

I doubt anyone is ever going to call a baby Jamie or Lee again tho. You know, what the naughty kids at school were called 

We didn’t have any naughty kids at junior or secondary really and they were called Susan, cassandra, Sophie...

Aww, Jamie is lovely. Can't see Lee or Gary ever making a comeback though.

The naughty boys at my school were Gary, Lee, Danny, Steven, Dean, Ryan, Shane, Kieran, Craig, Anthony for some reason. (I don't think Anthony is a particularly bad name but they were all little shits.) 

The naughty girls were Jade, Nicola/Nicole (especially if Nikki), Gemma, Joanne, Tara, Leanne, Kayleigh, Kerry or anything hyphenated with Marie.  

Does anyone know what they would have been called if they'd been the opposite sex? I was going to be a Gareth, apparently.

I would have been Matthew Adam if I was a boy. I found the piece of card my Mum had used to write all the name combos. 20 odd if I was a girl and only 4 if I was a boy...

My name is a little unusual in spelling but it could have been much worse. One contender was Bettina Mary Rose and I would have been called Betty. Apologies to any actual Bettina's on here who are offended but it just made me think of that chain smoking barmaid on corrie or some very very 70s type...

My kids cousins are called, in no particular order, flora, willow, maximus, Logan, Alice and flossie.

When my BIL suggested flora my wife's immediate response to her 75 year old mum was "he can't call a girl flora"

"why not" 

"Flora spreads easily"

As an aside, my m7 Dave's name is silas

Yeah Bettina is a bit weird. I had a rather odd German teacher called Bettina.

My mum wanted to call me Jessica but my dad vetoed it. I think it has probablt dated a bit more than my actual name.

was introduced to a baby Atlas the other day 



I think lady P and I went to very similar schools 

I never had a boy name as my mother had an amnio and knew I was a girl from 20 weeks 

Lee is a very seventies name. There were three in my class. I do not like the name.

Also doubt Trevor, Kevin or Wayne will make a comeback.

I suppose if you are professional football helps to have a name you can put a 'r' on the end, like Wayner! However, I noticed all the young footballers now seem to have double barrelled surnames.

Damaris? That kid should not go to a comp, Judy. 

I went to a comp, there was a kid called Charlton Bollam Slade, he regularly got the 'piss' taken out of him for that name. It wasnt even a rough comp, but Charlton!

My m7s sister called her son Chase. You'd probably get away with that in public school. Perhaps not the local comp.

There was a Chase at my school actually. He didn't get picked on but he was quite naughty.

Just stick with the names of the Gospel saints, or English (or Scottish) kings, and you can't go wrong.

Unless you're Welsh.

As for girls' names,  a little more flexibility is allowed there I think. But nothing silly.

Is Alfie still a thing? 10 years ago it was all the rage amongst the lower middle class.

Riley if u were a chav.