Best Bowie Song

Guardian music seems to to think it’s Sound and Vision. I think it’s Ashes to Ashes. 

*listens to both*

Whether I’m right or wrong, it’s definitely not Sound and Vision. 

It can’t really be Sound and Vision. That was a height of cool moment though. And I don’t think it is Ashes to Ashes or Life on Mars. 

I’m putting an unlikely bid in for The Man Who Sold the World. 

Wild is the Wind (tho obv not an original)



The Prettiest Star

The Man Who sold the World

All The Young Dudes

This is bound to descend into a list of random Bowie songs, but I’d agree it’s Ashes to Ashes. Sounds like nothing else.

You’re alALL right (my favourite is Rebel Rebel, but not the best)

I like chambo’s pick

‘Best’ in what way? Heroes is my favourite but ymmv 

Not the best song but the best song title.  'Always Crashing in the Same Car'.


He has multiple best songs. 'Let's Dance'. 'Under Pressure'. 

*listens to ashes to ashes*

You Rof bowie enthusiasts. What a load of pretentious bollocks.

I suppose you had to be there.

Ashes to Ashes is a tedious dirge and has to rank below Absolute Beginners in any hierarchy.  Whatever is first can also only really be first equal given it has to share the top spot with the Laughing Gnome.

The Grauniad is being a bit arch there in its choice. And there are no bests only favourites really. No googling who sang the doo doos on sound and vision? 

Absolute Beginners for pure enjoyment.  Not ground breaking obvs.

‘Not the best song but the best song title.  'Always Crashing in the Same Car'.‘

Great choon and should be the ROF theme tune

I absolutely love  you..

I really like When you rock n roll with me. Love much of A.sane and Heathen (everyone says hi - reduces me to tears)

I absolutely love  you..

I really like When you rock n roll with me. Love much of A.sane and Heathen (everyone says hi - reduces me to tears)

The Man Who Sold The World was ace when nirvanna covered it.  

Everything else he did was toilet.

Is Mrs Visconti the one who was cheated on or the Pheobe irt the lyrics to heroes?

Anyway, Heroes for me. 

or Changes. 

Or Modern Love. 

Someone on one of those BBC4 documentaries  said it was taken from Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It ruined it overnight for me.

Mutters you need to let your backbone slide while you whistle and cry. 

The octave in the chorus. There’s a boot somewhere of them doing it at the Rainbow, aptly enough. 

My favourite changes all the time

but agree it’s probably not Sound and Vision


I don’t care if it’s a shite song musically. I love it more than the majority of the others. 

Its wierd people still happily idolise Bowie when it seems pretty clear he slept with a 14 yr old.

Prince Andrew must be pretty miffed given the grief hes getting for sleeping with a 17 yr old.

And poor old Adam Johnson got 6 yrs for a BJ off an apparently eager 15 yr old.

Its all pretty distasteful obvs, but still astonishes me how 70s rock stars are still being idolised, whilst these later guys are (probably rightly) having their lives totally trashed.

I mean “cried when he died”. Starman is a good tune and all that. But really?


The man was a fucking genius and the world was a better place with him in it

any naysayers should be forced to watch the Glastonbury 2000 performance on a loop

Tbh i dont particularly hold it against either of them. I just get annoyed by inconsistency and injustice and ‘cool’ people getting free pass.

Yeah Glasto 2000 performance was good

Maybe Adam Johnson should have showed the judge his best goals of 2014.

As anyone who has seen me at ROFaoke will know, the answer is 


Modern Love

Thats a good song that. Just listened to it again. I actually do need to listen to some more Bowie.

You are right CW it is double standards

the difference between Bowie and Adam Johnson is that times and attitudes have changed. 

did you ever see that ‘it was alright in the 70s’ doc? It was shocking. Terry Wogan judging a teen beauty contest and making really inappropriate comments. Terry Wogan FFS. Rape jokes in sitcoms. Rock stars sleeping with young groupies was not seen as the predatory behaviour we view it as today.


Hello Bruce Springsteen.  Top marks to you for being saltier and earthier than us cnuts

So many great songs but do you go for a sweeping epic (Life on Mars, Heroes), something poppy (Let's Dance), one of his rockier efforts (Cracked Actor, Rebel Rebel) or a song where he's only doing half of it (Under Pressure)? 

FWIW I quite like Fashion.

Another Guardian list from 2016 reckoned it was "Sound and Vision".  

My DB Top 7:

1. Suffragette City (hey man!) [trashiest guitar sound ever - wonderful]

2. Station to Station (it's too late!) [walks all over Ashes to Ashes, folks]

3. Young Americans (Ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry?)

4. Rebel Rebel (you love bands when they play it hard) [gets being young, insecure and vain perfectly]

5. Golden Years (Don't let me hear you say life's taking you nowhere) [first honky on the soul charts]

6. Fame (Fame puts you there where things are hollow) [how funky is this?  listen through good speakers - this was from an era when records had sonic breadth and depth.]

7. Theme from Cat People [reminds of being a teenager] 


Last night after i read this thread i listened to

1. Buddha of Surburbia

2. Blackstar

3. Rock and Roll Suicide

4. Absolute Beginners

I actually really like The Laughing Gnome and all the 60s stuff. Love you till Tuesday is great

Queenie you’d enjoy then the last box Conversation Piece. Lots of obscure stuff from that era.

Oh a Bowie thread?

I am confident that the intelligent people on this board will have made the right decision here RE the best Bowie song of all time.

CRTL F "Lazarus". No results. WTF.

Congratulations all. After years of lurking, this of all things was the thread that convinced me to make an account. 

In my humble opinion, Lazarus is Bowie's magnum opus.

If you haven't heard it or seen the video for it, you should. 

The piece is David processing his own impending death, whilst weaving together many different refrains and themes from Bowie's earlier work into a very rich and varied soundscape.

Despite the grim subject matter, the song manages to be both playful in parts as well as serious.

Whatever your thoughts on the man personally, it takes a good deal of mettle and artistry to create something like that.

I think it's a perfect legacy for the man and should stand among his greatest works.

Space Oddity


Ziggy Stardust

Life on Mars


Worst - Sound and Vision, Young Americans.  Fucking irritating songs. 

The piece is David processing his own impending death, whilst weaving together many different refrains and themes from Bowie's earlier work into a very rich and varied soundscape.

Why did you say "Bowie's" work here, rather than "his"?  It makes it sound like David and Bowie are two different people.

Perhaps they are.  Maybe that is why his (their) eyes are different colours. 

Lazarus was good, I think people just didn't pick it as it would have involved mentioning "laz". Blackstar also a great track.


But I really like Scream Like a Baby and the album it's from (Scary Monsters and Super Creeps) alot


Wish I could say there was a clever subtext to interchanging the names, but honestly, I was just writing at pace and without proof-reading. Standard legal stuff really.

That said, it's a fair point that Bowie played a lot of different characters during his life and in his performances. Even in Blackstar, he plays 3 different roles with 3 different styles of acting and singing. 

An interesting figure and I think a true artist. 

That one he did with Bing Crosby about rubber bum pumps.  Dorty pair of feckers.